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cctv security cameras

CCTV SECURITY CAMERAS We supply CCTV cameras that are good for security purposes and do not break in transmissions.

Our CCTV's are bright and sharp colored high resolutions, with record memories over 500 minutes. CCTVs are good installations at offices, banks, hotels, super markets, shopping malls, and parking areas. Call Contained Energy Services for more information on 080.995.49798
solar water pumps

SOLAR WATER PUMPS . This is a better alternative to water pumps that run on fuel, they are more economical and save a lot on maintenance.

Our solar water pumps are from recognized manufacturers in the industry like lorentz solar pump , a leading solar pump company in Germany.
solar street lights

SOLAR STREET LIGHTS We supply and install street lights for solar panel usage, as a solution to erratic supply of light in an area.

Our led street lights are bright and energy savers at the same time, not consuming too much energy. LEDs are thus better suited for use in areas like sports facilities and high-crime locations. EnergyStar LEDs Poorly designed LEDs may not be long-lasting or efficient.


inverter engineer

We perform invert installation and maintenance, we offer cheap inverters in Nigeria with the most affordable prices in the market.

Our services covers the usage of inverters and solar panels for Bank's ATM, Lifts, Servers, Street Lights, Home appliances, Hospitals, Office equipment and so much more.

Services overview

Solar Panels in Nigeria are mostly exposed to our harsh weather and thus the regular report of solar panel malfunctions. Contained energy services provide solar panels, inverters, and inverter batteries maintenance and repair. Contained energy services stand as a consultant and project management for big solar power, solar inverter power projects. Contained Energy Services Installs street lights and also offer solar pumps. Our services ranges from selling solar panels, installing solar powers, inverters and inverter batteries, with solar inverters, solar pumps, solar street lights.

Contained energy have also been involved in the design and integration of some solar powered systems. Contained energy has been very successful in the execution of some projects in some areas of Nigeria. As a consultant we have helped with successful installations of solar panels.

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