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Solar Panels
And Inverter Pricesin Nigeria

At Contained Energy Services we offer Solar Inverter Solutions, we offer sound technical aspects of installations. Providing 24/7 consultations. Competitive prices for all our products. A 1 year quality service guarantee on all our products. We recommend best solutions that fits your budget. Our range of Inverters and solar panel prices are affordable in Nigeria.


Get best prices for solar inverters & batteries
in Nigeria.

The erratic supply of electricity in Nigeria is a far cry to the economic condition of the country. We understand this, and also know for a fact that it can be costly to maintain a power plants and generators, with the cost of maintenance of this alternative power supply increasing everyday. Thus the need for a better and environmental friendly alternative power supply. Solar panels and inverters are most widely used in the western worlds, but with the introduction of the company solar inverter solutions in Nigeria, we now offer a very competitive pricing and cost for our inverters and batteries that are able to power your household appliances, like TV, Fan, Bulbs, Fridge, Air Conditions etc.


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